Report: Kawhi Leonard Might Have Already Decided Where He'll Play Next Season

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How typical of the Spurs. Right when free agency is picking up steam, and other teams are scrambling in their bid on what to do next, the Spurs calmly wait for their meeting with Kawhi where, for the first time in a while, good things are expected to transpire.

Because, according to Steve Kyler of "Basketball Insiders," the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard are expected to hammer out a contract extension in the coming weeks, essentially ensuring the San Antonio star keeps the team relevant for years to come.

Moreover, the promise of Kawhi might have a profound impact on other free agents as well, perhaps making the Spurs seem like a more probable destination. Regardless of who may or may not come through, it's got to be a sigh of relief for Spurs' fans to finally have their star locked up for the future.