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Report: Kawhi Wouldn't Let Pop Declare Him Out For The Season


The miscommunication between the Spurs' brass and Kawhi Leonard was something serious ever since he suffered the pain-staking quad injury in the Playoffs last May.

A drama-filled season later, with both sides having finally moved on, we're still finding out just how bad that dialogue was.

According to Michael C Wright of ESPN, Kawhi Leonard refused to let Gregg Popovich and the Spurs execs announce to the media that he'd sit out all of next season with injury, leaving the team unable to give any answers regarding the nature of their disgruntled star.

Privately, officials within organization had hoped Leonard would let the Spurs declare him out for the season due to his injury, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. Believing he'd eventually return, Leonard declined each time, leaving Popovich to field queries from the media that he couldn't definitively answer. Popovich simply didn't know.

Leonard left the team on two occasions last season to rehab in New York with members of the Spurs rehabilitation staff in tow to work in concert with the forward's outside medical personnel, utilizing its rehab program.

The Spurs still believed the relationship was worth salvaging, and Popovich traveled to Southern California ahead of the NBA draft to meet with Leonard as a first step toward reconciliation.

Many within the community doubt that Kawhi's injury troubles last season were as severe as his camp is claiming. Rather, they say it was just an excuse for the star to literally quit on the team.

Whether or not that story has any truth is a mystery, but maybe things could've been handled better had everyone not been wondering why on earth Kawhi wasn't taking the court last season. More information will undoubtedly be coming out as the situation progresses, but (at least), this whole thing should be finally be coming to a halt.