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Report: Kyle Korver On Sixers' Radar


There is one fall back for the 76ers with the Jimmy Butler trade: they lost some of their best shooters. For a team that was already thin with knock down three-point shooting, that's definitely a matter of concern.

After sending Dario Saric and Robert Covington packing, it looks like Philly will be looking towards Cleveland to find their shooter.

In a story by The Ringer, the proposed deal with Cleveland would involve veteran sharp shooter Kyle Korver.

The Sixers need shooting in a bad way after losing Saric and Covington. They talked a trade with the Cavaliers for Kyle Korver during the offseason and retain interest now, according to league sources. Knicks shooting guard Courtney Lee is also available. Shooters are a scarcity on the market, though; the Sixers may need to look to the buyout market like they did late last season with Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova. No matter the player, it should be a priority to retain flexibility heading into next summer.

Obviously, Korver wouldn't add a whole lot but a few threes... but doe she really need to do anything else? To stretch the floor and knock down a few shots would do wonders for a stacked Philly squad.

What they'd give up for Korver is a bit of a mystery... but there are other places they could look if it doesn't work.

Bottom line is, this team is serious about winning. The Sixers are no longer crossing their fingers for lottery picks. They're hungry, they're ready, and they're finally good enough to overtake anyone in the Eastern Conference.