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Report: Kyrie Irving Is "Happy" In Boston


For all the noise regarding Kyrie Irving's apparent departure from the Celtics next summer, the All-Star guard himself has indicated that he is happy exactly where he is.

Shams Charania on why he is under the impression that Kyrie has no intentions of leaving Boston after this season (via Good N' Plenty podcast with Jeff Goodman):

“Yeah, I’ve always gotten the sense he’d give Boston a long term shot. I’ve heard, I think we all have, the talk about him in New York and these different situations. I just think it’s normal now… I’m sure we’ll start hearing it with Kevin Durant too depending on how the Golden State Warriors season goes because these players they’re in the last years of their contracts, teams are hoping to contend and if you’re not meeting expectations and the goals then there’s gonna be eyeballs. I think Boston relishes that challenge. I think they know eyes are going to be on them, on Kyrie, and that’s just another storyline I think to watch all year. But I’ve also gotten the sense… listen, he’s happy, he wants his own team and he got that in Boston, he has a stacked team, he’s close to Jayson Tatum, it’s a good market that he’s playing in, and I haven’t gotten the sense that Kyrie Irving is the type that’s going to going to be bolting from franchise to franchise. I did get the sense that he wanted to find a good situation when he got moved from Cleveland.”

If you remember, the Celtics weren't on Kyrie's original trade request list when he first asked to be dealt by the Cavs. New York, Minnesota, and even San Antonio were some of the teams included, which is likely why there's so much talk about him leaving.

But for Irving, it may not necessarily have been about location. Rather, he wanted to be put in a situation where he could thrive and grow his legacy as a star in the meantime. The Celtics, as long as they continue to provide that, will always be a place Uncle Drew is willing to call home.