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Report: Kyrie Irving Never Wanted LeBron To Come Back To Cleveland

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We all knew it was coming, but all the drama from behind closed doors in Cleveland over the past four years has finally come to light after LeBron's departure this offseason.

Previous reports have stated that former Cavs LeBron and Kyrie Irving's relationship has been rocky at best during their final years in Cleveland, leading to Kyrie's trade request at the start of the 2016-17 season, which saw him head to Boston.

Cleveland Cavalier beat writers Dave McMenamin of ESPN, Joe Vardon of, and Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, all appeared on a podcast hosted by 92.3 The Fan Cleveland radio station and discussed the past four years of Cleveland drama.

One of the most interesting points that came up came from Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, stating that prior to LeBron returning in 2014, Kyrie Irving didn't want him to.

It has been made clear to me by multiple people, Kyrie never wanted LeBron to come back in the first place. (After a Miami game) LeBron said 'keep doing what you're doing, you never know I could be back one day.' Kyrie in the locker room said "What's he talking about? We don't need that guy."

Well then, that could definitely explain a lot about Kyrie and LeBron's relationship.

The fact that Kyrie was opposed to a LeBron return back in 2013-14 makes you wonder how the two managed to co-exist for so long in Cleveland. Sure, the prospect of winning championships and heading to the Finals multiple times would have softened the blow for Kyrie early on, especially after that 2016 championship, but playing behind LeBron as his Robin when he wants to lead his own team would've taken quite a toll as their relationship soured.