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Report: LaVar Ball Has Gone Quiet Because He's Scared Of LeBron James

Report: LaVar Ball Has Gone Quiet Because He's Scared Of LeBron James 13131

Who would've though LaVar Ball could possibly be scared of anyone?

At this point last season, the father of Lonzo Ball was making headlines every single day with his outlandish comments and behavior. It got so bad that the Lakers actually implemented a "LaVar Ball rule", banning the media from speaking to relatives of their players.

You could argue that Ball's comments was detrimental to the team, as he called out Lonzo's teammates, as well as head coach Luke Walton. Some pundits also argued that Ball's behavior would push away potential free agent signings, including LeBron James.

Obviously, that wasn't the case, as LBJ eventually did sign with the Lakers this past summer, but since announcing his arrival in Los Angeles, the big-mouthed LaVar Ball has strangely gone quiet.

You would think with more eyes on the Lakers, LaVar would be eating up the attention, but according to the Los Angeles Times’ Bill Plaschke, the reason Ball is so quiet is because he's scared of LeBron James.

Dan Patrick: “It feels like there was something that was said in the offseason. Like Magic said to Lonzo’s dad ‘here’s the deal, let’s just be quiet. For your son’s future, let’s just be quiet.’”

Bill Plaschke: “No, I think that happened last year and it didn’t work. I think they even threatened to trade him, I think they threatened to trade the kid if the dad didn’t shut up.

…. I think what worked was LeBron James. He actually saw a guy who is bigger and [with] more status than [him]. He didn’t think Magic Johnson had the current status among the sporting public to stand him down, but LeBron does. And I think LeBron’s presence finally shut up LaVar. And he got scared. He said ‘maybe the Lakers don’t have the guts to trade my son. LeBron’ll sure trade my son, so I better keep my mouth shut.”

So all it took to shut the great LaVar Ball up was someone with more fame then himself. Go figure.