Report: LeBron Has Been Looking At Schools In The Houston Area For His Sons

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Move over Los Angeles, another city is competing for the right to educate LeBron James' sons.

With all the free agent rumors flying about this offseason, fans and the media will go to extreme lengths to find out where their favorite free agents are headed in the offseason. And when news starts to run dry, the media will turn to the player's family to search for hints and clues.

Which is exactly what reporters have done with LeBron James. LBJ has been rumored to be heading to a multitude of teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Houston Rockets.

It's been rumored -- by Gary Payton no less -- that LeBron's sons have been enrolled in a Los Angeles school, a sign pointing that James may be ready to sign with the Lakers. But according to other sources, James has also been spotted touring schools in the Houston area to send his sons to.

LeBron has mentioned after the NBA Finals concluded that his family would play a major role in where he'll decide to play next season, so it's all up to Gloria and Bronny James and whether they prefer Los Angeles, Houston or Philadelphia.