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Report: LeBron James And His Camp Thought Kyrie Irving Was Soft

Report: LeBron James And His Camp Thought Kyrie Irving Was Soft

The Lebron and Kyrie era ended in the 2016-17 season as Kyrie spoke out to be unhappy playing alongside The King, LeBron James. Irving never specified what exactly the reason was to leave Cleveland, but many believe was it was involving LeBron James and his uncertainty to commit long-term. Ultimately, a great success for Celtics acquiring Kyrie. However, an unlucky season with injuries.

In a roundtable discussion with Jason Lloyd of the Athletic, ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, and Joe Vardon of, the topic among the relationship between James and his former teammate Kyrie Irving was discussed. Here's a snippet of what was said.

“Even in the 2015 playoffs that year, if you remember, everybody was hurt and this was before Kyrie blew out his knee,” Vardon said. “He was having leg problems and he was limping through series and taking games off. This annoyed LeBron and LeBron’s people to no end. They were calling him soft and questioning his toughness, and LeBron was doing it in comments to the media. It took a while for there to be real respect between those two guys at all.”

The LeBron and Kyrie relationship has had its fair share in rumors, usually concerning LeBron but many wouldn’t think LeBron and the Cavs team would have an issue with Kyrie. The two definitely clashed and to still think they went to three straight finals (winning in 2016), imagine what could’ve been if their relationship was a strong bond.