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Report: LeBron James Is Ignoring Play Calls From Luke Walton


New team, same story for 3x NBA Champion Lebron James.

No matter where he goes, his on-court dominance and cultural significance give him almost complete control, resulting in speculation about potential changes he might be ready to make.

20 games in and the conversation in Lakerland has shifted towards head-coach Luke Walton, who was hired by Magic and Rob in 2016. As a result of the teams' meager performance, some think the young coach's job could be on the line if they don't improve soon. This latest report regarding the subject doesn't exactly help, either.

"The scouts also have noticed that when James is running the point, he rarely looks toward the bench to receive play calls from coach Luke Walton," said ESPN's Brian Windhorst. "Even when he has seen them, the scouts say, he ignores them and runs the play he prefers. Walton has adjusted, and now when James is running the show, Walton will typically just let him call the game."

Interestingly, Windhorst also added that this behavior isn't necessarily an attack on Walton.

"This probably shouldn’t be considered a slight -- it’s just James being James."

True, James taking control of the playbook isn't anything new. We've seen it almost throughout his entire career.

To say this is no slight on Walton though? Seems far-fetched, as it'd be hard to imagine this happening to Gregg Popovich.

But when it's LeBron James, you gotta let the guy do what he wants, right?