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Report: LeBron Ruined A Potential Irving-Hayward Duo In Cleveland


It's well-publicized in the media how good of a teammate and role model LeBron James is, not only to his franchise but to the greater community as a whole, as LeBron has never been involved in a major controversy. The biggest knock you could probably give James is his Finals performance in 2011 and how much he used to flop while on the Heat.

But ever since Kyrie Irving requested a trade from the Cavaliers back in July, there has been an increase in reports stating how irritable LeBron makes some of his teammates in the locker room and the Cavs management.

The Kyrie Irving-to-Boston trade was completed on Wednesday, pairing Kyrie with former Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward, who also signed with the Celtics this offseason. According to recent reports, however, the two could've been teammates as early as 2013.

If this report is to be believed, Kyrie Irving tried to recruit Hayward when Gordon was a restricted free agent back in the offseason of 2013. According to Hayward, when LeBron returned in the 2014 offseason, that put an end to talks then and there for a potential move to Cleveland.

Hayward instead chose to resign with the Jazz on a three-year deal plus a player option in 2017, which he obviously declined to pursue a move to Boston.

We can't say for certain that this kickstarted the clash of personalities between Kyrie and LeBron on the Cavs, but judging by pictures taken at Boston's unveiling of their newest signings, it seems Kyrie and Gordon are pretty friendly.