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Report: LeBron Was Checking Out Schools In Philadelphia During All-Star Break


The Process is about to get real.

Ever since things in Cleveland began to spiral out of control, the likelihood of another team snagging away LeBron James this summer became more likely. As a result, the rumors and speculation regarding the upcoming decision only grew with each passing week.

And while the Philadelphia 76ers were a team said to be on the radar, nobody was actually taking that thought seriously. An LBJ contract in Philly seemed like a long-shot, to say the least.

But thanks to Sixers radio commentator Alaa Abdelnaby, that "long-shot" is starting to look awfully short. According to him, LBJ was looking at Philadelphia schools in the area during the All-Star break, a very telling sign he may be at least considering a move to the city of brotherly love.

“I’ve told this to a few other people, and I have no problem saying this, my brother lives in the Philadelphia area and he told me that LeBron, last week through a superintendent, was in the area checking out some private schools during the All-Star break,”

This would be HUGE.

A trio of James, Simmons, and Embiid would be deadly for the NBA. It would change the culture of the Sixers in dramatic fashion while giving their young players a chance to learn from the best.

We're still a long ways off from the day of decision making. But, if anything, this latest report shows us that the conclusion may not be as obvious as we all think.