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Report: NBA Investigated LeBron James And Klutch Sports Group

Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Remy Martin

Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Remy Martin

We all know LeBron James is a great person that’s always respected the rules, has stepped up in the name of player's interests, and taken part in philanthropy and social issues since entering the league over a decade ago.

However, he’s also been known for being a very ambitious guy and a huge brand himself, being involved in dozens of business to keep winning both on and off the court.

Recently, NBA investigated whether LeBron James owns share of Klutch Sports agency.

According to the Brian Windhorst of ESPN on The Basket Analogy:

"LeBron doesn’t have any ownership in Klutch Sports.

The NBA investigated it and said LeBron doesn’t have ownership."

Apparently, the league has been investigating LeBron James since Kyrie Irving’s trade request, as the Cleveland Cavaliers trading for Eric Bledsoe as reported would pretty much increase his current stock, something that would also benefit his agent, who’s conveniently also Rich Paul.

This all came out of the blue for most of us, but the fact that Paul also represents Tristan Thompson and JR. Smith raised a lot of questions regarding LeBron’s possible influence in this matters.

Of course, he’s been impacting offseasons since his departure to the Heat, as everybody wants to team up with the guy that’s practically a free ride to the NBA Finals.

Still, so far the league hasn’t found anything suspicious other than mere coincidences, so LeBron doesn’t have to worry about any more tampering rumours at least for the time being.