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Report: Rival Execs Believe One Western Conference Team Has A Real Chance To Sign LeBron James


LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have done a great job cleaning up their season.

After starting off near the bottom of the standings, they've exploded to win 9 of their last ten games, en-route to a 19-8 overall record. But even with as well as they're doing, one huge concern looms over the Cavs as the summer approaches: LeBron James' free-agency.

The last time he departed, it left the team in complete disarray, failing to reach the playoffs every year before his eventual return. Now, the same thing can happen again, and some rival executives even go so far as to say one particular team poses a "legitimate" threat to make it happen.

That team is the Houston Rockets, who have been on an absolute roll lately. After acquiring Chris Paul in free-agency, and locking up James Harden long-term, Houston was expected to have a monster year. Nobody quite saw this coming, though.

Through 24 games, the Rockets currently have the league's best record and have been absolutely dominating opponents lately. Their run-it-and-gun-it system is working to perfection, with every player making use of its advantages. Their recent success must no doubt look enticing to the rest of the league, including The King himself.

Via USA Today:

While James has made it clear that he won't deliberate his uncertain future until the Cavs' season is complete, there is strong belief in Rockets circles that they'll have a legitimate shot at landing the four-time MVP this summer. Rival executives also believe the Rockets will have a real chance.

Of course, it's always advisable to take these reports with a grain of salt. Nobody knows what LeBron is really thinking, and there's a more than decent chance he won't be going anywhere at all.

Still, he's made the move once before. Under the right circumstances, it is not inconceivable to think he might do it again...