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Report: Rockets, Carmelo, Are Seriously Weighing Roster Situation

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Breaking news: the Houston Rockets stink.

After a slow start to begin the season, most were expecting the team to rebound to a form somewhat similar to what we saw in the Western Conference Finals.

Though, with losses still coming frequent for the team, this is looking to be more than just a slow start. Their defense is lacking, their offense is stagnant, and Carmelo Anthony's role/fit with the team just seems off.

Not sure what they can do about the former troubles, but as far as Anthony goes, that's a situation they are already looking to improve.

According to Shams, the team and Melo are having some serious talks about the future.

The Houston Rockets and Carmelo Anthony are seriously weighing his roster situation. Sides ruled him out tonight in San Antonio due to "illness" — after he practiced fully with team Friday, league sources said.

As the report points out, Antony missing out on Saturday's game makes no sense when he was playing literally in a practice the day before.

Seems there's some issues the sides need to address here, and it could stem into something more permanent if the team doesn't improve.

Did Melo make the right decision joining the Rockets? It's still early, but jeez it's not looking so good.