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Richard Jefferson And Kendrick Perkins Are Tired Of Talking About The Lakers On ESPN

Richard Jefferson And Kendrick Perkins Are Tired Of Talking About The Lakers On The ESPN

The Los Angeles Lakers haven't played professional basketball in over a month, yet they seem to be a topic of conversation continuously. Their search for a head coach is being talked about consistently. They even got Kevin Garnett to post Instagram stories commenting on how it's going. And with a list of candidates in the reports but nothing clear cut yet, the speculation continues as people wait to see what happens next with the storied franchise. 

However, not everyone is as interested in the Lakers as some people are. Considering that big markets of that nature constantly get talked about because of the sizes of their fanbase, it can often get irritating for fans that just love basketball to have to hear about teams that aren't that relevant to playoff basketball. And with the Conference Finals currently ongoing, there are other things to talk about. 

Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins, both of whom appear on NBA Today, seem to be part of the crowd that no longer wishes to talk about the Lakers. Their reaction after the topic was brought up by host Malika Andrews left no doubt about how they felt. 

And it would seem that quite a lot of fans agree with RJ and Perkins in the replies, although several Lakers fans were gloating about their franchise's importance as well:

"Don't get mad, we just always be on everybody's mind."

"I swear this franchise pays the media to stay relevant."

"Then stop talking about them?? It’s not that hard."

"Man, I'm so sick of the Laker talk too."

"I don't even mind the conversations about the Lakers, can we just wait till the playoffs end, though?"

"Talk about something else... it’s the playoffs. There’s plenty to talk about besides the Lakers."

"The Lakers have got to be the most spoken about franchise in the NBA."

"Sorry everyone, we're just that important."

"RJ and Perk are literally me right now."

"I don't wanna hear anything about the Lakers till the end of June, please."

"Perk said Mann still talm bout this."

Los Angeles has the most well-known organization in the entire sport when it comes to international visibility, so this isn't all that surprising. While purists will always be irritated with talk regarding a team that is not in contention to win, the Lakers will always be a point of discussion that drives traffic and grabs attention.