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Richard Jefferson Casually Destroyed A Fan Who Asked Him To Say Hi To His Wife: "I'll Text Her."

Richard Jefferson Casually Destroyed A Fan Who Asked Him To Say Hi To His Wife: "I'll Text Her."

NBA stars get used to media and fan attention quite quickly during their playing days. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and athletes are the number one attraction. They get marketed quite a bit, too, especially the players that become good, and they are recognized time and again in basketball contexts and even otherwise. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo recently revealed that he would simply like to disappear after his career ended. Be gone from the media and fan spotlight and just live his life in comfort somewhere in the world. However, this isn't true for a lot of other players. One of the most common second careers for NBA players is to become an analyst or a member of the media. 

One of those players is Richard Jefferson, who has made quite a name for himself as an analyst. Jefferson is known for his extremely sharp wit. He is quick to point things out cleverly and with humor. His banter with Kendrick Perkins and his candid takes on today's players have made him a fan favorite, perhaps even more so from when he was a player, despite being quite good and on some contending teams. 

Richard Jefferson Ended A Fan With An Epic Reply After He Heckled Him

Being well-known means fans will call out to Jefferson now and again. On the street, in restaurants, and obviously in NBA arenas. And Jefferson is often in arenas when he's calling games or watching them so he can analyze what's going on. 

A video from one of those times went viral, with a fan sharing Jefferson's comeback to him after he lightly heckled him. The fan was making a video and asked Jefferson to say hi to his wife, and his response was hilarious.

Fan: "Richard, can you tell my wife hi?"

Richard Jefferson: "I'll text her."

This is exactly the sort of off-the-cuff that has made Jefferson so popular, so the fan got his money's worth from that one. Plus, who wouldn't brag about being roasted by an NBA champion. Fan interactions often turn a little ugly, as was the case with a prankster who tried to troll Ben Simmons, so it's nice to see some fun banter instead of a hostile encounter for a change. If more fans and players can be like this with one another, it can only be a good thing.