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Richard Jefferson Clowns LeBron By Liking All Of Courtside Karen's Photos On Instagram

(via Instagram)

(via Instagram)

Richard Jefferson, just like the rest of the NBA world, reacted to the incident between his former teammate and friend, LeBron James, and a couple of fans that tried to get under his skin. LeBron engaged in a verbal battle with an IG model sitting courtside during the Atlanta Hawks-Los Angeles Lakers game Monday night.

Everybody had something to say about this, including the 2016 NBA champion, who curiously sided with the girl instead of his friend. Somebody spotted RJ liking a series of pics from Juliana Carlos' Instagram page and they exposed the former player-turned-analyst. Jefferson apparently didn't know that people can see his likes on Instagram and didn't have more remedy than to admit he supported the girl.

"Wait you guys can see that? 🤬I’m in her side," he wrote on Twitter.

Carlos and her husband had to be removed from the arena following their altercation with LeBron James. She later explained what had happened and what made him go after the King mid-game. She said LeBron stared down at her husband and talked bad to him, which prompted the girl to get involved in the situation.

Well, while other NBA players sided with the King, RJ took a different route and showed his support to the girl.