Richard Jefferson: "Kevin Garnett Has Done Far More Disrespectful Things On The Court Than What Kyrie Did. He's Crossed That Line Plenty Of Times."

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Kevin Garnett was known as a passionate player who fought for every inch on the court. He is a member of the Naismith Hall Of Fame in part due to that tenacity, and his unwillingness to back down from any opponent. 

Kyrie Irving has recently drawn attention to himself by stomping on the Boston Celtics logo after Game 4 against the Celtics. Kevin Garnett was a former player who called him out and stated that Irving's actions weren't okay on any level. Richard Jefferson offered a retort to Kevin Garnett's remarks and suggested that Garnett has done far worse things on the court.

It is true that Kevin Garnett was not the most respectful player on the court. He was known for his trash talk that often got personal. While some may view that as an edger that allowed him to thrive, others view it as going too far. Some fans shared examples of Kevin Garnett being disrespectful to other players underneath Jefferson's tweet.

Richard Jefferson may have a point. Kevin Garnett was a great player, but there are clearly times where his trash talk went beyond the point of decency. Jefferson is right to point out that Kevin Garnett has done bad things on the court as well. Whatever the case may be, all we can do is hope that disrespect, in general, dies down in the future.