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Richard Jefferson Describes The Philadelphia 76ers: "Everyone Is Super Optimistic On The Honeymoon, But 50% Of Marriages End In Divorce. They Are In Their Honeymoon Phase."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers are having a very sweet moment right now, having the best record in the NBA (6-1), surprising everybody with their game. After a very difficult 2019/20 NBA season, the Sixers are ready to make a statement this season and compete for important things once and for all.

They went through a lot of changes in the offseason and the results are very good so far. However, nobody is convinced that they can keep this pace throughout the entire season without entering a slump and dominate from the start to the end of the campaign.

One of those is Richard Jefferson, who believes this is just an illusion and the Sixers won't have this level during the entire season. RJ called it the "honeymoon effect". During a recent appearance on Zach Lowe's "The Lowe Post" podcast, Jefferson explained why this whole thing won't last and what's next for the Sixers in the league.

“They are a ‘wait-and-see’ team. Wait and see if it pans out. Everyone is optimistic the first 10 games when you get off to a hot start. Everyone is optimistic on the honeymoon, but 50% of marriages end in divorce."

He's not wrong with his claims but these Sixers have a big chance to compete this campaign. Jefferson made it clear that he wants to see them succeed this campaign after a couple of seasons failing to compete in the Eastern Conference.

"For once, I just want to see the 76ers overachieve," the 2016 NBA champion added.

This season is still young and the Sixers are having a great start. They aren't favorites to come out of the East this season yet people think this is a big campaign for them. If they don't make it to the Finals, it' will be a big failure for them. This is probably the last chance that Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid have to demonstrate they can compete or their association will come to an end.