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Richard Jefferson: "Durant Is The Most Unguardable Human That's Ever Been Created. How Good Are You When You Show Up To A Team With A Two-Time MVP And You Immediately Turn Him Into Pippen."

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Richard Jefferson spent 20 years in the NBA, playing with and against some of the biggest names in the history of the game. The former small forward got to know plenty of great players throughout his career, but for him, Kevin Durant is the hardest player to guard; not even LeBron, not even Kobe Bryant, it’s Kevin Durant.

RJ appeared in ‘Pardon My Take’ in May of 2019 to discuss a variety of topics. The interview was released earlier this week and fans couldn’t be more interested in the things he had to say. He was asked why he believed KD was the ‘most unguardable human what’s ever been created’ even after sharing touches with LeBron James and playing against Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

“I’m not saying he’s better than Jordan. I’m not saying he’s better than Shaq or Kobe or Bron. I’m not saying any of that. What I’m saying is when you look at all these guys, he does things at such an efficient level and in such a high way -- he’s won four scoring titles, how many scoring titles would he’d have if he stayed in OKC? He’d probably be there with six, seven scoring titles. He’s a 7ft2 guard, he shoots 90% from the free-throw line, he’s shooting 50% from three right now, 50% from the field and averaging 40 points a game over the last five.

“Only thing I’m saying is Shaq couldn’t shoot free throws, MJ wasn’t 7-feet. I’m just saying, if you have to create a basketball player, I think the two guys that you would create are probably Bron and KD for different reasons.”

He then pointed out to the fact that KD arrived in Golden State, where the current 2x time MVP of the league plays and simply made him a secondary player.

“Think about it. We all know how great Steph is. How good are you when you show up to a team with a 2 time MVP and you immediately turn him into Pippen and he’s in the prime of his career.”

Kevin Durant has been considered, maybe alongside James Harden, as the most prolific scorer in the current NBA and the history of the game. KD has a lot of tools to get past his defenders or shoot in their faces. He’s one of the most skilled players we’ve ever seen and RJ confirmed that first hand when he faced the Warriors in the NBA Finals with the Cavaliers.

It’s not about the greatest player ever, but there is no doubt that KD has more weapons in his game than some of the best ballers in history.