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Richard Jefferson: “Kyrie Irving Will Leave Boston In Free Agency”

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving’s tenure with the Boston Celtics has been full of ups and downs. He landed there eager to become the leader of the team and take it to achieve big things, but so far he’s mightily struggled to reach his goal. Either it is for injuries, dressing room issues or the lack of consistency the team has had during regular; the truth is that Irving appears to be ready to leave TD Garden this summer and almost nothing can prevent that.

Irving is eligible to opt out of his contract this summer and taste the waters of free agency. Back in October, he seemed very sure on his decision of staying with the team, but now that water under the bridge and reality looks very different. Kyrie may be leaving this summer and ESPN’s analyst Richard Jefferson thinks that is an imminent scenario.

“I think for Kyrie — I think he just wants to keep his options open,” Jefferson said Tuesday on ESPN”s “Golic and Wingo.” “I think he wants to look and see what’s best for him and his family and what he wants to accomplish. Understand that this man has already won a championship. He’s already had multiple All-Star Games. It’s not about that anymore. It’s not about chasing a ‘ship. He doesn’t need a ring. He’s hit one of the biggest shots in sports history. So I think for him it’s just a matter of where he feels like he will be happy and the fact that he’s willing to look at other places right now lets you know that he’s probably looking to go other places.”

So what’s next for him? Nobody knows; there isn’t a single lead that makes us know where he could go this upcoming offseason. However, one thing is certain and that’s that he doesn’t look very amused by the idea of going to the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I don’t know too much about Boston. I know that that situation is great. You have a great GM, you have a great coach and you have great talent around you and the future is bright,” Jefferson said. “I think that’s something you have to look at. If you look at the Lakers, there’s so much instability. You don’t know who your coach is. I think them hiring their next president is actually more important than hiring your next coach because I think the president really sets the tone. For the Lakers, I don’t know how stable that franchise is. We all know that the Knicks is not the most stable franchise.

“There’s a lot of different options, even Brooklyn. I think Brooklyn is a place where he could possibly — I won’t say end up — but it’s a place that has some stability. I don’t know what Kyrie is looking for. No one knows what Kyrie is looking for except for Kyrie, his father and his team around him.”

Now we have to wait and see what this postseason will bring for Kyrie and his Celtics. If they put it together this playoff and reach the finals, perhaps Irving will think twice before leaving Boston.