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Richard Jefferson Mocks Kendrick Perkins: “Why Do Your Knuckles Look Like You Dipped Them In Baking Powder? You Look Like You Been Fighting Bricks.”

NBA Fans Exploded After Kendrick Perkins Chose His Top 75 NBA Players Of All Time: "I'm Triggered At The Ridiculousness Of Your List"

Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins are both former basketball players, who now work on ESPN as sports analysts. The team got together once again for work and engaged in some shenanigans behind the scenes.

Jefferson spotted Perkins' ashy knuckles and brought out the camera, making a video and asking why his knuckles were that ashy.

“Why do your knuckles look like you dipped them in baking powder?"

In response, Perkins said it was because he takes showers, which caused another round of questioning. 

"Do you lotion? You look like you been fighting bricks.”

Perk said he does not use lotion, stating that he's a man's man."

The video was captioned "calling all lotion sponsors," a phrase that was used a lot during the Kevin Durant situation. On that occasion, it was Isaiah Thomas who spotted Durant's ashy feet, with NBA fans taking to social networking platform, Twitter, to troll the Brooklyn Nets star.

Durant did not shy away from it all, as he responded to fans, using the "I am rich" card and also stating that he is not a role model after he was called out for his language.

It is funny to see Perkins and Durant have something in common, as both players have previously engaged in a Twitter beef. Nonetheless, Perkins has never chewed his tongue when it came to praising KD. He believes Durant is the greatest scorer ever and is suggesting that KD be considered for Defensive Player of the Year this season.

Jefferson played in the NBA for 17 years and won a championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016. He moved around the NBA a lot, playing for eight different franchises.

Perkins will be remembered mainly during his time with the Boston Celtics, but he played for three other franchises during his 14-year career. He was part of the 2008 Boston Celtics team that won a championship. His partnership with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce formed a solid defensive unit.