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Richard Jefferson Reveals The Real Reason Why Kyrie Irving Wanted Out Of Cleveland


When Kyrie Irving left the Cleveland Cavaliers, the blame naturally shifted to LeBron James.

Rumors were hinting that the unhappy Kyrie was tired of playing second-fiddle to a guy he probably thought he was better than. When the Cavs won, he got the glory. When they lost, Kyrie and his teammates got the blame. It really is an unfortunate reality of LeBron's career, but it's just the way it has been since we found out how good he is.

Thanks to Richard Jefferson, however, it might be time to throw out that whole narrative.

(via Cavs Nation)

“The reason why [Kyrie wanted out] was because there was a trade. That’s why he wanted to leave,” revealed Jefferson. “Once he found out that he was on the trading block and a trade almost went through, he was like, ‘I’m gone and I never want to come back here.'”

If you remember, it was reported that the Cavs were reportedly in talks to trade Irving to the Phoenix Suns in a three-team deal before things ultimately fell apart.

Apparently, Irving didn't take well to his name being mentioned in trade rumors. And it's understandable too, considering he had shown nothing but loyalty to them in the past.

Makes you wonder what exactly would've happened had David Griffin kept Kyrie Irving's name off the trade block. Guess we'll never find out.