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Richard Jefferson Takes Shot At Kevin Durant And The Warriors


Much was made about Kevin Durant's arrival in Oakland. After going 73-9 and going all the way to the Finals, they go out and sign Durant, a guy most consider to be the second best player in the game. When the news broke, folks were not happy, claiming he had "broken" the league and that he was too "weak" to win on his own.

Whatever your take, Durant is the reason the Warriors have been so unbeatable this past couple of years, and why the Cavaliers have not been able to de-throne them since his arrival.

And it's a move that Richard Jefferson says cost him another Championship. Here's the quote, in a post for the Players' Tribune.

You know what’s sick? Even after all that, it genuinely pisses me off that we didn’t repeat as champions. I should have two rings.

( F***ing Kevin Durant, man!!!)

Still, it was a hell of a run.

This is not to be taken literally, as every team in the NBA has their "is not for this player..." story. Still, it seems Jefferson had confidence the Cavs would have won the Finals again had KD not joined Golden State. If that were the case, things would obviously be very different. Jefferson would have one more ring on his finger, according to him.

Nonetheless, things are how they are. The Warriors are nearly unstoppable, and Cleveland's days in the Finals are behind them now. How much you blame Kevin Durant for that won't change anything anyway.