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Rick Barry: 'Stephen Curry And Klay Thompson Are The Best Shooting Duo Ever'

Rick Barry: 'Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson Are The Best Shooting Duo Ever'

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have played a key role in the way basketball is played right now. The Splash Brother changed the game when they teamed up in Golden State and revolutionized the NBA with his shooting talents. Right now they're considered the top 3 shooters of all time and one Hall of Famer believes they are the best shooting duo in the history of the game.

During a recent edition of the Runnin' Plays Podcast, Warriors legend Rick Barry talked about Curry and Thompson, naming them the best shooting duo ever over another good combo of Jerry West and Gail Goodrich.

“They’re the greatest long-distance shooting combo who ever played,” Barry said, acknowledging that 3-pointers are very important in today's game, which is what Curry and Klay are the best at.

“It’s a different game,” Barry said. “There’s never been two players on any team as efficient and outstanding as they are around the perimeter, who can also shoot the mid-range shot, who can also get to the basket.”

Curry and Thompson have been terrific for the Dubs; their names will never be forgotten and they still have time to increase their legend in the league. People doubt that the Warriors will return to compete as they did in prior years, but this team has a big chance to be as much or more dangerous than before.

This season was very bad for them, but Klay and Steph will be ready to take this team to the promised land once again next year.