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Rick Ross: "The GOAT Is Michael Jordan. MJ, LeBron, Barkley, Shaq And Kobe."

(via Vanity Fair)

(via Vanity Fair)

The NBA GOAT conversation is a debate that will never end. From Michael Jordan, to Kobe Bryant, to Kareem and Shaq, there are no shortage of players who can be considered the best.

According to rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross, Mike is number one, followed by a rather surprising list of names to round out the Top 5.

It's no surprise that Ross considers Jordan the greatest. Really, it's only the most modern generation of people who like to argue otherwise. What Jordan was able to do in Chicago, coupled with his unrivaled talent and feel for the game, his placement at the top is well deserved. LeBron James, who ranked second on Ross' list is slowly gaining favor with the NBA community. His longevity, popularity, and impressive resume are all making a pretty strong case. By far, though, it's Barkley who is the most surprising and outlandish name on the Top 5 list. While Barkley was extremely dominant in his day, he retired without a single Championship, which is obviously a flaw that disqualifies him from most of everyone's Top 10 list. Finally, at four and five, Rick Ross names Shaq and Kobe, guys who had unprecedented swagger and dominance. In the comments, fans discussed:

Ross' ranking is insanely controversial, but it definitely deserves some points for originality. What do you think? Is he on to something with his selections, or did he expose just how much he hasn't followed the game?