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Ricky Rubio Flames The Minnesota Timberwolves: "I Don’t Feel Like This Is Building Something..."

(via EN24 World)

(via EN24 World)

After Sunday's blowout loss to the Suns, the Minnesota Timberwolves dropped to 7-28 on the season -- the worst record in the entire NBA. Amid poor health, chemistry, defense, and consistency, the team has no real sense of direction, and the fans have already expressed major frustration with their current reality.

Things have gotten so bad, however, that even some players have reached their breaking point. In a chat with the media, veteran guard Ricky Rubio flamed his team for their poor performance, saying that he doesn't feel like the team is "building something" this season.

“We have to build good habits from day one, and I don’t think we are in the right way, to be honest,” Rubio told The Athletic. “I can be here and be positive like we’re trying to be and it’s OK. But we have the worst record in the league. We lost way too many games by 20-plus, and I don’t feel like this is building something. It’s hard. You always have to take positive things and of course, we want to get better, but at one point we got to start wanting to change something, and it’s not happening.”

The Wolves have been mired in mediocrity for years now, so spending another campaign in the Western Conference bunker isn't really anything new for them.

But this season is different. With D'Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns, they started 2021 with high expectations, only to have them absolutely crushed.

With seemingly no way out, it's understandable that Rubio (and the rest of the roster) would be so frustrated with their situation. Hopefully, there are better days for them on the horizon.