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Rival Executives Believe Lakers Can Form A 'Big Three' In Los Angeles

(via the Inquisitr)

(via the Inquisitr)

The path ahead has never been so unclear for the Los Angeles Lakers. Just one summer after signing LeBron James, they have no definitive direction for the franchise. They will not get Zion, they are operating without a President, and the pieces they do have are too flawed to earn them a top return in the trade market.

Their best chance for turning things around rest in free agency, when a slew of stars will be looking for new deals.

Although other teams are considered are favored to land much of them, some rival executives see it as a realistic chance that the team formulates a deadly big three trio this offseason, via Ian Begley.

Νew York has always been a strong candidate to sign Kyrie at some point during his career, but there have been whispers he might be keen to give it another go with his former teammate LeBron James.

As for Anthony Davis, while things still remain up in the air regarding his trade status, the Lakers acquiring the 4th pick make things at least a little more interesting going forward. A package including Lonzo, Ingram, Kuzma and that 4th pick in the upcoming draft might just be enough to secure a trade for Anthony Davis.

So, while the odds are stacked against them, it is a very real and plausible scenario that the Lakers end up with Kyrie, LeBron, and Anthony Davis for the 2019-2020 season. Obviously, that would mark quite a turnaround for the struggling 16x NBA Champions.