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Rival NBA Executive: 'Lakers Need Another Playmaker, Rondo’s Not What He Used To Be'

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked with several rumors in recent hours and that doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. It was previously reported that they were prioritizing signing a backup point guard to help LeBron James and Rajon Rondo.

Despite their good start to the season, some people consider they still need to add a couple of pieces to take their game to the next level. Now, one rival NBA executive is offering his opinion that the team still needs another guard to run the offense.

At this moment, the only playmaker they have is Rajon Rondo. The need for a new point guard is more visible when you see Rondo’s statistical numbers have dropped from last year’s.

“The Lakers need another playmaking guard,” one Eastern Conference executive recently said, via Lakers Daily. “Rondo’s not what he used to be. The ball sticks with him, and he doesn’t defend anymore. They need another point guard to help LeBron. If they’re going to make a trade, that’s what they need to target.”

This season the Lakers have used either James, Avery Bradley or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope handling the rock. The thing is that James’ primary position is at forward, while Bradley and Caldwell-Pope have spent the bulk of their careers at shooting guard.

One name that has surfaced in recent days is retired guard Darren Collison, who might be considering a comeback with either the Lakers or Los Angeles Clippers. Nobody knows when he’ll make a decision on his future, but rumors suggest Collison would return in February.

This guy would be a boost for the Lakers without any hesitation, but we still have to wait and see since the Clippers can make a run for him, too.