RJ Barrett On The Knicks' Possible Final Game: "We're Winning Tonight, I'm Not Thinking About That."

(via Daily Knicks)

(via Daily Knicks)

The New York Knicks have their backs against the wall. They were one of the most entertaining and surprising teams and finished the season with the fourth-best record in the Eastern Conference but none of that matters now.

The Atlanta Hawks have done an outstanding job of keeping both Julius Randle and RJ Barrett in check. Also, Nerlens Noels’ injury has taken a toll on their defense.

New York is facing elimination tonight at home with the Hawks up 3-1 in the series and with plenty of confidence, but that doesn’t mean that they will go down without a fight.

As a matter of fact, Tom Thibodeau’s team is still fully confident in their ability to overcome this deficit, and RJ Barrett recently assured that they will win Game 5 at home:

"We're winning tonight, I'm not thinking about that,” Barrett said when asked whether he thought this would be the final game of the season for them.

You gotta love the confidence, that’s for sure. Nonetheless, they also have to back it up on the court, as Derrick Rose has been the only player capable of knocking down shots consistently and their offense has been stagnant.

Clint Capela certainly stirred the pot with his recent statements, guaranteeing that they were going to beat the Knicks on the road and that they weren’t afraid of their physicality and trash-talking.

Well, it’s time both players put their money where their mouths are and prove who’s the better team tonight.