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Rob Parker: “LeBron James Has The Most To Lose From This Season Being Cancelled In Its Entirety. I Can Hear His Logical Championship Clock Ticking. That’s How Desperate LeBron Needs To Have This Season”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Rob Parker has made a bold statement about LeBron James and this NBA season, which is currently suspended. During an appearance on ‘The Odd Couple’, Parker and Chris Broussard were talking about the definite suspension of the league and what that could mean for Bron and his chances to win his 4th NBA title.

Bron was having a terrific season with the Los Angeles Lakers, taking his team to be the best in the league, en route to winning their 17th title in history. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the league suspended the season and now it’s unclear if they will resume action at some point in the summer.

In that case, James and the Lakers would lose a huge chance to take the Larry O’Brien home. They were inspired before all this happened and one imagines they are keen to return to the action, as long as it’s safe for everybody.

“LeBron James has the most to lose from this season being canceled in its entirety,” Parker said. “I can hear his logical championship clock ticking. That’s how desperate LeBron needs to have this season”

“And let’s be honest, LeBron has no idea if this can play out the way it’s played out this year. When you think of how well he played in year 17, how well the Lakers get off to the great start, there’s no doubt that this could be a potential championship that could slip away and never happen,” he continued.

“Who knows how the team [in next season] put together again will be, who knows how much better other teams are.”

We all know this season was very important for LBJ after missing the playoffs last campaign. He was on a mission with the Lakers and as things were before the league suspension, they were set to have a long playoff run.

James, Anthony Davis and the rest of the team were having a terrific moment and this season should be the perfect one for them to be crowned as NBA champions. Perhaps he will have more chances in the next season or the one after that, but everything points out that the moment is now.