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Rob Pelinka Wants LeBron James To Retire As A Laker And Promised To Give Him "Every Resource" To Win A Championship, Says NBA Insider

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LeBron James may be entering the twilight of his career, but that doesn't mean that he has stopped being any less productive as a player. He had a stellar individual season despite the Los Angeles Lakers being a poor team next year. During the 2021-22 season, LeBron James averaged 30.3 PPG, 8.2 RPG, and 6.2 APG. 

There have been some suggestions that LeBron James may end up leaving the Los Angeles Lakers in the near future. It seems as though the franchise is trying to prevent that at all costs. A recent report by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports revealed that Rob Pelinka told LeBron James that he wants him to retire as a Laker, as well as promising James that he'd "provide him with every resource possible" to win a championship every single year of his tenure with the team.

As for roster tinkering, Pelinka explained patience will be key in any potential moves the team makes, sources said. In a collaborative effort, all parties appear to be aligned on a common vision of seeing how the roster plays out before any drastic moves are sought.

Pelinka made his feelings clear that he wants James to retire as a Laker and promised to provide him with every resource possible to compete for a championship each year he’s with the organization, sources said.

Hopefully, we see the Lakers franchise get back to winning ways next season. They still have two superstars in, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, on the roster, and that likely means they will be a playoff team.  

There are a good number of people who don't believe the Los Angeles Lakers can win a title as currently constructed. However, there is still a chance they could get to that level by making some changes, and we'll see if Rob Pelinka is able to find moves that improve the team before the start of the season.