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Rob Perez Thinks The Rockets Are Up To Something Sneaky


So, in case you haven't noticed, the Houston Rockets made a move recently.

They traded Ryan Anderson's terrible contract and De'Anthony Melton to the Phoenix Sunday for Marquese Chriss and Brandon Knight.

On paper, it doesn't raise too many eyebrows, but (as the action Network's Rob Perez points out), it might be reason to think that something big is coming:

...By finding a suitor for Anderson’s monstrous contract, the Rockets just saved themselves ~$3 million in cap space after you add Knight’s 2018-19 contract ($14.6 million) with Chriss’ ($3.2 million).

Their luxury-tax bill just dropped by 28% from $20.4M to $14.7M…

And the last time I checked: Trevor Ariza, one of the most important players on the Rockets’ 65-win team last season, signed a one-year, $15 million contract with the Suns as an unrestricted free agent this summer.

What if... just saying... what if Morey told Ariza to go get his bag from the Suns, make sure you commit for only one year, and try his best to get waived before the March deadline? Morey would then scoop him up with the space created in this deal announced last night, unless he uses it on someone else first...

Perez continued, explaining that Morey is kind-of always up to something.

Kent Bazemore, DeMarre Carroll, James Johnson, Iman Shumpert, Jon Leuer, Terrence Ross and Tony Snell just to name a few — are all players whose contracts line up with Knight’s AND could be on the trading block this year as their current teams look to restructure for the future.

We could sit here all day and speculate, honestly that’s really all there is to do during NBA August, but in the end — let’s all come to terms on the hypothesis that Morey is up to something behind that suspiciously immersed avatar…

Obviously, this is theory involves major speculation, and there's absolutely no proof that it contains an ounce of truth.

Yet, when you give it some thought, it's hard to completly dissmiss it.

Daryl Morey might just be on to something here... and it wouldn't be the first time he's cooked something up.