Robert Horry Hilariously Roasts Kenny Smith: “Stop Lying, Dude. You Wasn’t No Damn Voice.”

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Credit: Houston Chronicle

Credit: Houston Chronicle

Robert Horry fact-checked Kenny Smith after the latter claimed he was the voice of the Houston Rockets during the days they spent together in H-Town. A couple of weeks ago, 'The Jet' claimed he was the voice of the team, and when he talked, everybody listened. 

Just like he blasts his Inside the NBA co-hosts, the rest of the crew is ready to call him out when he makes false claims. A couple of days ago, Charles Barkley roasted Kenny by calling him Hakeem Olajuwon's waterboy. Recently, former teammate Robert Horry set the record straight, saying he tried to be the voice of the team, but not the one he claims he was. 

Talking on Shaquille O'Neal's "The Big Podcast," Horry stated that Kenny was lying. He was a voice but the one that inspired his teammates (0:49). 

"Stop lying, dude. You wasn't no damn voice," Horry said. "Kenny tried to be that voice. If you go like 90% of the time, it was Vernon [Maxwell]. Kenny was that voice of reason. Vernon was that inspirational voice. Kenny was like, um, 'guys, we have to, um, not turn the ball over.'"

It seems like Kenny was caught in 4K, but he wasn't admitting that. After getting fact-checked, the former guard said the question had nothing to do with what he said before pointing out that Vernon Maxwell wasn't part of the team during their second championship run. 

Like he destroyed Charles Barkley with a fat joke earlier this week, Smith was trashed by his co-hosts on Wednesday night. Horry settled the situation, making it clear that Kenny was the voice of reason that seemingly bored everybody in the locker room.