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Robert Horry Says Clippers Fans Should Be Mad At Kawhi Leonard: "What He's Doing Is Not Fair To The Organization."

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It was a glorious day for the Clippers when Kawhi Leonard decided to join the team.

After years of disappointment and heartbreak, Clippers fans (and the enthusiastic team owner) finally had something to celebrate, and it was widely believed that the Clips were going to break their record of failure.

But now, two years later, the Clippers are without a Finals appearance and are still waiting for Leonard to re-sign a whopping four days into free agency.

As silence radiates from Leonard's camp, 7x Champion Robert Horry lit him up in an appearance on "The Jump," suggesting that his actions have been detrimental to the team.

"As a Clipper fan, I would be mad at Kawhi. With him sitting back, waiting and trying to see what other guys are getting and see what he wants to do is not fair to the organization."

Besides bringing back Nicolas Batum, the Clippers haven't made any significant moves this offseason.

And while Kawhi's waiting game cannot be totally to blame for their inactivity, it definitely hasn't helped things.

So long as he remains on the market, the team's future remains uncertain, and uncertainty is not attractive to free agents looking for stability.

The chances are, Kawhi will re-sign with the team for a multiple-year deal. That's obviously great news, as the Clippers are not Championship contenders without him.

But between the team's shortcomings over the past two years, the mystery surrounding Kawhi and his plans, and his conservative approach to the game, it's no surprise some people are getting fed up.

And if the Clippers continue to lose out on big names, it could bring even more fallout against the 2x Finals MVP.