Robert Horry Says Los Angeles Lakers Should Pursue Kyle Lowry Instead Of Chris Paul And Russell Westbrook

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The Los Angeles Lakers entered last season as the team to beat in the NBA. They were the reigning champions and have added multiple interesting pieces to improve an already well-round-up roster.

Fast-forward to today and it was clear that, besides injuries, there were a couple of pieces that didn't quite fit in their roster.

That's why they're expected to heavily pursue another point guard next season. And, according to recent reports, they've discussed trading for Washington Wizards star Russell Westbrook.

But, according to former Lakers player Robert Horry, they should be wary of overpaying for a player like Westbrook:

“It is gonna be hard because of that salary cap for them to get a veteran guard. You talk about CP3, I don’t think he is gonna give up all that money to go to the Lakers. And you talk about Westbrook, it's too much money," Horry commented on ESPN's The Jump.

Instead, Horry believes that the Lakers should go all-in on Kyle Lowry, who's slated to become a free agent:

“There is so many guards that I think you can get. But for me, right now you need a guy like Kyle Lowry. A dog, that’s mentally tough that’s gonna say LeBron get off the ball, I got the ball. And I’m gonna bring it down and get everybody in a set and we gonna run this thing a win a championship. So Kyle Lowry is the only guy I see or Dragic. Top 2 for me if they gonna get anybody," the former NBA Champion added.

The Lakers were heavily invested in Lowry prior to this year's trade deadline but couldn't get a deal done with the Toronto Raptors, so it wouldn't be crazy to see them trying to get him in the summer. But for now, we'll just have to wait and see.