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Rockets File Protest Against NBA For Mistake At End Of Clippers Game


Despite how big the NBA basketball brand has grown over the years, it's still not immune to a mistake every now and then.

During the Rockets' game against the L.A. Clippers on Friday, a Clippers player should have been disqualified with 3:10 left, a person with knowledge of the protest said Sunday.

Clippers guard Jawun Evans apparently committed a sixth foul which was incorrectly given to teammate Lou Williams. An NBA spokesman on Saturday confirmed that the league was aware of the error. Back in 2008, a similar incident occurred between the Heat and Hawks. Shaq was incorrectly disqualified from a game with just five fouls (the rule allows for six), causing the final 51 seconds to be re-played.

It's not known exactly how the NBA will respond here, but it seems a little late to do something about the situation now, aside from tossing the whole game entirely. While it is true that the game was close, and the disqualification might have had an effect on the outcome, it's hard to imagine that it made a big enough impact to re-play the matchup entirely.