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Rod Strickland Says Kyrie Irving "Would Have Been A Problem" If He Played In The '90s


For as good as Kyrie is now, would he have looked even better in the '90s?

Rod Strickland sure seems to think so...

“He would’ve been a problem,” Strickland says. “I mean just look at the game. He can shoot the ball, he finished with the bucket in, he can take contact, he has a midrange, he can pass the ball, get him out in an open court…And he’s physical…”

Clearly, Strickland is a fan of Uncle Drew's game. But whether or not his game translates to the 90s era shouldn't be that easy of a question to answer.

He's got all the intangibles of a star, but he's small and has never had any real success leading a team on his own. At best, Kyrie could rival the best point guards ever. At worst, he'd be too small and weak to handle the rough-and-tough state of the league.

Worst of all though, is the fact that we'll just never know for sure. We'll just have to keep on dreaming...