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Rondo Justifies His Questionable Late-Game Decision


J.R. Smith made waves for his mental-collapse late into the fourth quarter of the NBA Finals opener.

Rajon Rondo recently made similar waves, only we're not sure how wrong his actions actually were.

Saturday night, Rajon passed up an open layup to kick it out for a three. The Lakers had no timeouts, were down three, and had only seconds left to score. Thing is, Rondo could've scored the two, and then fouled on the other end. Maybe whoever's at the line misses one, and the game plan suddenly changes.

There's a case for both sides, but the PG himself definitely did a good job proving his point:

"We didn't have any more timeouts. I thought I could suck up somebody in but they did a great job of staying home. The layup would've got us 1 point closer, but we didn't have any timeouts, so I just made a split second decision, and we didn't get it."

It's fair to say that this situation cannot be compared to J.R.'s, mostly due to the fact that Rondo may have actually made the right play here.

Either way, the media hype regarding the choice just kind of goes to show how illuminated everything is in today's NBA. If you make a mistake (or the public thinks you did), the world will find out.