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Ronnie 2K Forgets He's Live Streaming And Disses DeMarcus Cousins

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Ronnie 2K showed how he feels about 4x NBA All-Star DeMarcus Cousins on Tuesday. The public face of NBA 2K, who has had some back and forths with other NBA stars in the past, added Boogie to his list of ‘enemies’ around the league.

He forgot he was on a live stream on Tuesday, as he was talking with a colleague about the upcoming players-only 2K tournament organized by the NBA. Ronnie was frustrated since Boogie’s streaming device was delayed. Cousins is set to play the first match of the tournament against Andre Drummond.

Apparently, Ronnie forgot he was streaming and called Boogie a ‘d--k’.

“Cousins is such a d–k. I could see him just being like, ‘I don’t wanna f–kin’ do this.’ Not to mention his matchup would be annoyed too,” he said.

After that, Boogie sent a message to Ronnie with a gif.

Fortunately, Ronnie recognized his mistake and sent an apology to the big man.

“Bro in a moment of work stress, I said something super dumb that wasn’t at all how I feel about you. My bad & I sincerely apologize. Let’s have some fun starting this weekend, bring the action and see if you can be crowned champ,” he wrote.

This tournament is set to start this Friday, with ESPN broadcasting every matchup. While the league is suspended, this is a very good way to see some basketball actions and our favorite players going against each other, even if it is on 2K.