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Ronnie 2K Reacts After Zion Williamson Incident: “Media Trying To Turn Cover Star Against Me. Don’t Worry Zion, Your Dunk Rating Is Just One Behind Ja Morant."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Ronnie 2K has started some fire within the NBA community when he tried to amend things with Zion Williamson, seemingly taking a dig at Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant. NBA 2K has seen how players are extremely worried about their rating on NBA 2K21 and Zion isn't the exception.

Williamson recently called Ronnie and joked about how they got his rating wrong during the New Orleans Pelicans media day. That made some noise with Ronnie, who didn't hesitate to try to fix things with Zion, getting in trouble with another young player.

"Media trying to turn cover star against me. Don’t worry @Zionwilliamson your dunk rating is just one behind @JaMorant," Ronnie wrote on Twitter.

That didn't sit well with Morant, who replied to Ronnie's comments, showing that he wasn't so happy with those remarks.

"Got jokes?" Morant told Ronnie.

He might have solved one problem but created another one. Morant took offense to his comments and with due reason. This is something common in recent days, with players worrying more about their 2K rating. Young players more than anyone else and this is the perfect example of that.