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Rudy Gay Calls Out StatMuse After Tweet Suggesting Isaiah Thomas Is The Cause Of Lakers Losses: "This Is Bulls*it."

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Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas has looked like a great signing for the Los Angeles Lakers thus far, even if he is only on a 10-day contract. He has recently had an awful game against the Phoenix Suns but has also had two good games against the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Chicago Bulls. Even if he is coming off a subpar outing, he has still looked like a player that could potentially be a difference-maker coming off the bench.

It is fair to say that Isaiah Thomas has been alright but not spectacular for the Los Angeles Lakers. However, it seems as though some have thought otherwise. Twitter page StatMuse has recently posted a stat that showed that the Los Angeles Lakers are 0-3 since acquiring Isaiah Thomas. Obviously, that is a factual statement, but the losses haven't been Isaiah Thomas' fault like the Tweet is trying to imply.

Thomas' former Sacramento Kings teammate Rudy Gay has since called out StatMuse for the Tweet, implying that the Tweet itself was "bulls*it". There were times where it was clear that Isaiah Thomas brought a spark to the Los Angeles Lakers, and it's clear that he's been valuable for the team.

A lot of the Los Angeles Lakers' issues were present before Thomas' acquisition, such as poor chemistry and subpar defense. The implication here that Thomas might be the cause of their 3 recent losses is unfair. 

The Los Angeles Lakers could use a solid shooter/scorer like Isaiah Thomas coming off the bench. While it's unclear whether they will end up retaining him beyond his current 10-day contract, it is possible that if he shows them more they will decide to do so. Isaiah Thomas himself has stated that he can help LeBron James and the Lakers, and we'll see if he can prove that in the coming days,