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Rudy Gobert Donates $500,000 To Arena Employees After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

(via SLC Dunk)

(via SLC Dunk)

Rudy Gobert made a brutal mistake in the hours and days leading up to his coronavirus diagnosis.

Since his carelessness may have exposed multiple people, he has received a lot of flack on social media.

But he is already taking actions to help support his community and all those infected.

According to Shams Charania of Stadium, Gobert has pledged at least $500,000 to arena workers who will not be able to work in wake of the NBA’s hiatus.

Gobert understands the seriousness of the virus. And after making a mockery of it early on, it’s important that America pays attention to his story.

Coronavirus is a pandemic that will impact the nation and the world. In the weeks and months to come, it will take a monster effort from everyone to contain and limit the spread of coronavirus.