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Rudy Gobert Gave His Worn Arm Sleeve To Fans Days Before His Coronavirus Diagnosis

(via Reddit)

(via Reddit)

Just two days before Rudy Gobert tested positive for Coronavirus, he was captured (on camera) deliberately touching cameras and mics on the way out of Monday's press conference. It was an obvious joke but a careless act, nonetheless, that increasing the risk someone in that room contracted the virus.

As the NBA continues to test their players, another video is making its rounds through the internet, featuring Mr. Gobert tossing his worn (and sweaty) arm sleeve to a young fan in the audience just five days before his diagnosis went public.

It's unfortunate that such an innocent, light-hearted moment turned into something so negative. Although the video occurred a full five days he was tested, the Coronavirus has a 5-14 day incubation period in which the disease is contagious despite symptoms not showing right away.

So, this video and the viral one of him at the press conference may be actually footage if this thing spreading throughout the NBA community. If one man can expose so many people, how many others are at risk?

Plus, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, we know that it has spread within the Jazz organization already, with Donovan Mitchell coming back positive for his test.

Needless to say, there is a sense of concern for the NBA community and the country in general. We seem woefully underprepared for this type of pandemic, but the hope is that with proper care and caution, the virus will be contained and begin to finally fizzle out.