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Rudy Gobert Isn't Worried About 'Random' Drug Testing After Posting A Picture Looking Shredded: "I'm All Natural"

Rudy Gobert

NBA players post videos and pictures of themselves working out, playing pickup games, or just lifting weights every offseason. It's common to see players transforming their bodies during the summer, showing more muscles than before, surprising fans and analysts. 

However, the league takes it very seriously and starts investigating what is behind these pictures/videos whenever this happens. In 2019, we saw Alex Caruso getting drug tested after posting an edited pic of himself looking very muscular. 

That wasn't the only case, though. In July, Michael Carter-Williams was also visited by league's authorities, while De'Aaron Fox had the same fate earlier this month

It's not sure that he will get a visit soon, but seeing how the league has handled these issues, people believe Rudy Gobert will be the next guy to get drug tested after sharing a pic working out, looking more muscular than usual. 

TMZ had a little chat with the Utah Jazz star, asking him if he was worried about the 'random' drug testing, but the Frenchman made it clear he has nothing to hide and is ready to prove it. 

"No, I'm not worried," Gobert explained. "I'm all clean, all organic, all-natural, all work." Gobert has been working out a ton and based on his recent IG posts, the work is certainly paying off. With that being said, it wouldn't be surprising if the NBA were to call him as well, given his improved physique.

Seeing that the league takes their drug policy very seriously, it wouldn't be a surprise if they show up at Gobert's house to test him. 

Rudy seems confident that he doesn't have anything to hide, so he shouldn't have any problems if authorities decide to visit him. The only certainty now is that he's getting ready to bounce back with the Utah Jazz next season. 

After a disappointing second-round elimination in the 2021 NBA playoff, the Frenchman and co. are ready to take revenge and make a statement in the Western Conference.