Rudy Gobert Likes A Tweet Calling Out Draymond Green: 'That Layup You Missed... You Should Go To The Gym, Work On Your Offensive Game And Be Better At Shooting...'

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It's not secret that Rudy Gobert has a bit of a bad reputation around the league. Rival players are constantly taking shots at him, Shaquille O'Neal basically called him the most overpaid player ever, and his antics before last season got canceled didn't do much to help his case.

That's why it's not surprising to see Gobert enjoy when fans call out other players as well, especially considering how much hate he got when the Utah Jazz lost to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Gobert was caught liking a tweet from an NBA fan calling out Draymond Green for the wide-open shot he missed that eventually cost the Warriors their season:

"Draymond, our Warriors couldn't even beat the Grizzlies with Steph scoring 40. That layup YOU missed... You should go to the gym, work on your offensive game and be better at shooting the fckn basketball instead of tweeting nonense sh*t like that," read the Tweet.

Gobert and Green have never been exactly friendly to each other and they've constantly battled for the Defensive Player of the Year award. Even so, none of them is exactly an offensive force, so it's not like Gobert would've made that shot either.

It's always interesting to see these kind of things. Beef makes playoff matchups more interested, and you can be sure that Draymond Green saw that like and took it personally.

But, in all realness, as great and impactful as both players are, they should both hit the gym and work on those little flaws in their game. Should Green develop a consistent shot, he'd be one of the best two-way players on earth. As for Gobert, he needs to be more useful in the perimeter. Gladly, they'll have a long offseason to focus on their craft.