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Rudy Gobert Respоnds To Fan Who Asked Him For A Reply Or Retweet 69 Days In A Row: “I’ve Been Waiting For This Day.”

Rudy Gobert

Jazz star Rudy Gobert often flies under the radar and has become one of the more underappreciated players in the NBA today.

On social media, though, the guy lets fans see a different side of him -- and it's really been a treat to behold.

While he doesn't tweet too often, his most recent post on the bird platform produced a lot of laughs by fans, which has led to it going viral.

Apparently, one rather dedicated individual decided to go out and tweet at Rudy Gobert every single day until he got a reply or retweet from the star big man. He was on day 69 when Gobert finally granted his wish...

If you don't know what 69 means, well, you'll have to find that one out for yourself. Just know that it has become a pretty popular and widespread joke among people of all ages -- one that Gobert is obviously familiar with.

While we don't know for sure if Rudy intentionally waited until Day 69 to respond, it's certainly possible. The guy is obviously a jokester who loves to interact with his fans.

Still, that's not to say he hasn't had a few bad experiences with them in the past. In fact, he once sent out a Tweet on social media aimed at some of his "haters."

Thats the new generations unfortunately, and i don’t blame them they are just a product of our society. Spreading hate because they are really not happy inside and its sad.

All in all, Gobert is a pretty solid guy and a great player. Say what you want about his game of the details of his high-paying contract, but it is his presence that has helped to keep the Jazz afloat all these years.

This season, he's looking to prove himself once and for all by capturing his first-ever NBA Championship.