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Rudy Gobert Reveals New Symptoms In Latest Coronavirus Update

(via Forbes)

(via Forbes)

Rudy Gobert was the first player in the NBA to get diagnosed with COVID-19. After being careless about the disease just days before he found out he had it, it's fair to say his diagnosis was a wake-up call to him and the rest of the NBA community.

He has been providing updates via social media and while his condition hasn't been serious (as far as we know of), he is certainly displaying symptoms. His newest tweet seems to indicate a lingering loss of his senses...

It's actually common for smell and taste to dampen in the wake of an infection. But for four days? It seems COVID-19 can linger for quite some time even in cases where it may not be as severe. It makes you wonder what other people may be experiencing.

Perhaps the scariest thing about this whole pandemic is just how little we actually know about it. The hope is that, with time, we can understand more about COVID-19 and eventually develop a vaccine to finally fight it.

But how much longer will things have to be like this before it happens?