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Rudy Gobert Speaks On His Relationship With Donovan Mitchell: "We’re Ready To Play Basketball Together And Win A Championship Together.”

Credit: Salt Lake Tribune

Credit: Salt Lake Tribune

Rudy Gobert is anything but the most beloved player in the NBA after his actions prior to his COVID-19 diagnosis. Gobert tested positive for coronavirus, leading the NBA to suspend the season last month. His teammate Donovan Mitchell also tested positive, which put the Frenchman under the fire for the things he did before that day.

Footage showed Gobert touching mics and recorders from journalists during a press conference, disrespecting the NBA protocol against the COVID-19. As expected, the relationship between him and Mitchell was broken, with some reports suggesting it’s not ‘salvageable’ at this point.

Gobert has finally opened up about it and for him, it’s the media that maximizes everything. The Frenchman claimed that even though he and Mitchell didn’t speak for some time, they both want the same and that’s taking the Jazz to win the NBA title. with Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks on an Instagram Live video, Gobert said:

"It's true that we didn't speak for a while, but we spoke a few days ago and you know, like I said, we're both ready to go out there and win a championship for this team.”

"It's not about being unprofessional. You know, everyone got different relationships. It's never perfect," Gobert said. "People that are married — it's never perfect. Me and my teammates, it's far from perfect, but at the end of the day we both want the same thing and it's winning and we're both grown men and we're both going to do what it takes to win."

Gobert is confident things can go back to normal with Mitchell, but that’s not what we’ve been hearing in recent hours. Donovan’s words when he talked about Gobert also make people think this relationship will never be the same and one of them will have to look for a new team in the association.