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Rumors: Teammates "Prepared" For Kevin Durant To Leave After This Season


The Warriors were the Warriors before Kevin Durant.

Before KD, they forged an identity of team-ball. Before Kevin Durant, they won 73-9 games and proved that they belonged in the history books. Before the arrival of KD, they earned their first franchise title in 40 years with one of the most likable teams ever.

And while Durant is helping improve on that legacy, he may have outstayed his welcome.

According to Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic, Durant’s teammates are prepared for him to leave after this season and are tired of the melodrama surrounding his imminent departure.

“Durant’s free agency has been a low-key issue with the players,” wrote Thompson. “It registered as a small irritation. The burden of talking about it, reading about it, hearing about it, grew heavier in Year 3 of the Durant Experience. Players like Green and Klay Thompson, who also have free agency pending, have been lumped into the frenzy. Both have declared they want to stay with the Warriors. But because of Durant’s uncertainty, the future of the dynasty is in the air and such leads to speculation Green and Thompson have to address.”

Not only is the ego of Durant causing problems in the locker room, but so are the theatrics involving his upcoming decision.

Because he has refused to commit long-term with the team, speculation around the league has taken over the Warriors' season. No longer is it about how good the team is, but about who will still be on the roster come this July.

It's things like this that are only adding fuel to the fire. With players growing increasingly unhappy with the whole situation, the likelihood that this team remains the same for much longer dramatically decrease. At this point, the Warriors are a ticking time bomb, and Kevin Durant will be the first blow.